BHD Tech and Trainer Lead Times

bhd | 10 July, 2013 19:06

    Phone appointments starting
            Jeff 8/5
            Tanya 7/22
            LuAnn 7/22

    Onsites starting
            Jeff 8/13
            Tanya 8/5
            LuAnn 8/12 

        Phone appointments starting 7/29
        Onsites starting 8/5
If you want to schedule an appointment or an onsite with a BHD tech or trainer, please call to reserve the time as soon as possible.
Please call the Service Department at:  800-377-7776.
Thank you.
BHD Average Tech Callback time over last 4 weeks = 80 minutes!!

bhd | 08 July, 2013 13:14

Always monitoring our service!




Big Hairy Dog Reached #1 in Sales for the first half of 2013!

bhd | 08 July, 2013 10:08

Again, the #1 Retail Pro Dealer Worldwide!!


Thank you to all of our great customers for your continuing faith and loyalty to Retail Pro and Big Hairy Dog!

Dougan & Kookla Playdate

bhd | 28 June, 2013 12:47

Dugan's friend, Kookla came by for a visit at the BHD office today.   Kookla is getting older and wasn't sure what to do with Dugan's exuberance!!

Dugan and Kookla

BHD Customer, Continental Display, can Save you $$ on Store Fixtures

bhd | 24 June, 2013 12:51

CONTINENTAL DISPLAY is a remarkable Sacramento business who sells just about any type of store fixture a retail store could need.  This company has been a Big Hairy Dog customer for 20 years; we consider them both customer and friend! 

All BHD CUSTOMERS who purchase fixtures from CONTINENTAL DISPLAY will receive:

10% DISCOUNT (credit card purchase) or 15% DISCOUNT (cash purchase)

They have a 65,000 sq. ft. warehouse filled with retail store fixtures:

  • shelving
  • slat and grid walls
  • showcases
  • rack systems
  • mannequins
  • hangers - and much more   (They will even help you design a floor plan to provide maximum usage of your space.)

    “NEARLY NEW”     Receive   50% - 70% OFF
These ‘nearly new’ items equals  = BIG SAVINGS TO YOU!
If your shop could use a re-design or additional fixtures of any type, call CONTINENTAL DISPLAY
(local) 916-920-3030 (toll-free) 800-339-3545  (Ask for Leta)

We hope you will support our friends at CONTINENTAL DISPLAY!
You’ll love their Inventory, their Service and Your Savings!           
New Location:  3950 Norwood (I 80 & Norwood Ave) 

BHD Callback time over last 4 weeks = 98 Minutes!

bhd | 18 June, 2013 15:50

Constantly monitoring our stats!

Joe Malaney found a familiar face in the BHD office!

bhd | 18 June, 2013 15:47

Joe Malaney with Dugan
Friday, June 14th, BHD participated in the 'Business First' event in Downtown Sacramento

bhd | 17 June, 2013 12:50

The Downtown Sacramento Partnership sponsored a 2nd annual Business First event on Friday, June 14th at the Sacramento Convention Center.  Nearly 400 new business owners and hopefuls were in attendance to hear key speakers provide helpful information for new businesses.  Also on hand were approximately 75 vendors in the convention lobby center sharing their business information and services with those in attendance.

There was much mingling and exchanging of information.  Big Hairy Dog was there to discuss retail technology to new retail businesses coming to the downtown area.  The half-day event was a big success.

Big Hairy Dog presenting QuickBooks Point of Sale system to winner of 'Calling All Dreamers' Competition

bhd | 13 June, 2013 17:30

The City of Sacramento, in an attempt to get new businesses in the downtown area, is offering a competition called ‘Calling All Dreamers’ to new business entrepreneurs.  The winner will be provided an office in the downtown area with free rent for a year, and a multitude of other benefits and resources available to them through the donations of many local sponsors.

Big Hairy Dog has donated a QBPOS system and hardware bundle, training and tech support in a package total worth of $8,500.  Big Hairy Dog is the City of Sacramento’s ‘Preferred POS Sponsor’. 

Get more information on this great event.

Big Hairy Dog Hosts User Conference for their VIPs

bhd | 13 June, 2013 15:18

Last month, May 20th and 21st, BHD hosted a User Conference for their VIP customers, who flew in from around the country.  On the evening of the 20th, we enjoyed a box suite at the River Cats game and had a great time getting to meet each other and put faces with names.

On Tuesday, May 21st, the Citizens Hotel was the setting for the all-day conference where information was shared on the future of Retail Pro Inc, the newest product offerings and customizations.  Vendors also were on hand to share and demonstrate some awesome new hardware and integrations with the Retail Pro software. 

Lunch was catered by Mama Kim's Restaurant just a short walk to the Caesar Chavez Park.  It was a valuable and truly successful conference.  Below are some photos taken at the event.


Friends from Pottery World & Sandy MalaneyLunch in the Caesar Chavez ParkBHD staff and VIP customers at River Cats gameVIP Conference at the Citizen Hotel, SacramentoFun time with Dinger at the River Cats game

Big Hairy Dog Call-Back Average Time for Last 4 Weeks

bhd | 06 May, 2013 16:31

108 minutes!



bhd | 02 May, 2013 14:21

Maintaining conformance to the continually changing world of electronic payments and providing solid functionality to our merchants is of paramount importance to Retail Pro International.
In accordance with the requirements of the industry's banking authorities for the handling of partial authorizations and real time reversals for debit and prepaid transacations, Retail Pro International is issuing a new patch which improves upon the security and manner in which these types of transactions are handled across all Retail Pro POS Systems.
To ensure customers are taking advantage of these improvements this update should be applied to all systems running Retail Pro 8.6 R1/R2 and the RP EFT Link.  This update can be applied by simply applying the specific DLL or applying the Retail Pro 8.6 Rc Core Update. 
If you would like assistance in downloading this file, please call a BHD tech, who will be happy to assist you.  Call 916-368-1070 and you will be put on the board for a callback.
BHD Tech and Training Appointment Lead Times

bhd | 26 April, 2013 11:36

    Phone appointments starting 5/9/13
    Onsites starting 5/28/13
    Phone appointments starting 5/9/13
    Onsites starting 6/3/13
**As you can see, we are booked out longer than usual.  If you need to schedule an appointment, please do so well in advance, as the lead time is several weeks out.
For Tech or Training appointment, please call the tech line at 916-368-1070.
Retail Pro, Inc., (RPI) Announces NEW POLICY on: License Exchanges, Transfers, Retiring Licenses and Memo Inventories (Sites)

bhd | 05 April, 2013 16:02

Effective Date: March 1, 2013




License Exchanges - RPI will no longer offer license exchanges on any Retail Pro licenses. We may approve, on a case-by-case basis, a no charge license exchange (except pro-rated SA) within 60 days of purchase. To get an exchange approved, please send your Retail Pro sales leader the details on the license exchange along with a copy of the original order for approval. Customers will not receive a refund or credit if the value of the licenses exchanged is greater than the value of new licenses received. Customers must be current on SA to exchange licenses.  

License Transfers - Customers that want to transfer Retail Pro licenses from one UID to another must be current on SA and the SA expiration dates must be the same for both UIDs. As of 03/01/2013, there will be a new $500 license transfer fee (per transfer order) for these types of license transfers. There is no BP margin on this fee.  


 Retiring Licenses - Customers that currently have retired Retail Pro licenses will have until 3/1/14 to unretire these licenses and renew their SA on these licenses or permanently retire them. Customers that retire licenses after 3/1/13 will have one year from the date the licenses were retired to unretire these licenses and renew their SA on these licenses or permanently retire them. Licenses that are permanently retired will retain no value and must be reordered if needed in the future.


Memo Inventory (Site) Licenses - Customers that currently have V8 Memo Inventory (Site) licenses will have until 3/1/14 to start an upgrade to V9 (place V9 Upgrade order) or start paying SA on their Memo licenses as of their next SA renewal. Customers that request new V8 Memo licenses after 3/1/13 will have one year from the date they were ordered to start an upgrade to V9 (place V9 Upgrade order) or start paying SA on their Memo licenses as of their next SA renewal,

Retail Pro, Inc. New Support Policy

bhd | 29 March, 2013 17:50

Received From Retail Pro, Inc.:  Sacramento, CA :  March 25, 2013

Retail Pro International, LLC (RPI) considers the ability to use Retail Pro® efficiently and effectively as one of the most important mainstays within the Retail Pro community. As such, it is important that RPI maintains the ability to provide support to its customers as constructively as possible.  To facilitate this, we have a support structure that is capable of providing standard and emergency support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to our customer base via our Business Partner network. 

A customer's Software Assurance is paramount to maintaining this level of support. Therefore, a customer must be current on Software Assurance with RPI to take advantage of these support facilities.  

Provided a customer does have a valid Software Assurance contract with RPI they can receive Retail Pro support via their Business Partner. For customers not active on Software Assurance with RPI, support will not be provided under any circumstances, including situations where a customer is not able to use their Retail Pro® software because it is "down".  

In situations where active Software Assurance is not present, and a customer is in need of support from Retail Pro, a renewal for Software Assurance for that customer must be processed by RPI prior to receiving support. 

Retail Pro International, LLC


The support provided by Big Hairy Dog Information Systems (BHD) may be affected by the above policy.  We will not be able to escalate a technical  issue to Retail Pro, Inc. on behalf of a BHD customer who is not current on Software Assurance.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our tech department at 916-368-1070. 

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