The Big Hairy Dog roster of clients is quite varied. We have provided support for thousands of retail locations ranging from small mom and pop shops to stadiums and national parks. Whether you supply an internationally recognized brand or are still building up your image a partnership with Big Hairy Dog is a step towards making your business more efficient and profitable.

If you are just opening your first store, we can help you start off on the right foot and provide you with the tools and training needed to build a loyal customer base and expand. If you are already managing multiple locations we can help you to get more organized than you thought possible, to identify key products that are the big sellers at individual locations, to capitalize on customer loyalty and to keep moving forward as a company.





Mary – Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, CA
“Your customer service and technical support is awesome.” 

Russ – The Shoe Fly, Tyrone, PA
“Big Hairy Dog is AWESOME and I appreciate everything you do!” 

Bob – Mud Mart, Rancho Cordova, CA
“We absolutely love Big Hairy Dog and the system. Not one complaint and nothing but praise to the Big Hairy Dog team.” 

Gregg – Boyer Boot & Shoe Repair, Quincy, IL
“Training is going well on V8. I love all the improvements I am seeing and I love working with Tanya. She is the best. My question is why didn’t you make me do this years ago? LOL, I know you tried. Slap my hand and say bad Gregg!” 

Bruce – Bancroft Uniforms, San Leandro, CA
“Retail Pro has saved my business. If I would have continued to buy inventory the way I was before using the system I would be out of business by now.”

Reed – Masten Fine Framing and Gifts, Greenwood Village, CO
“Every single contact we have made to Big Hairy Dog has been outstanding.”